Patients in our weight loss management program rave about the service and the program!   We offer:

  • medications, particularly for appetite control
  • injections to help with fat loss
  • injections or other supplements as needed for vitamin balance and increased energy
  • dietary modification education and support
  • counseling to help with permanent mind and lifestyle modification 


What is HCG?
HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a pregnancy hormone that helps to break down and use fat stores when a woman is pregnant in order to provide nutrition to her baby.  When used outside of pregnancy, the hormone may help to break down fat stores a little easier, in a man or a woman, when combined with a reasonable diet, some exercise and increased water intake.  The dosage used for weight loss is very small when compared to the levels of HCG present in pregnant women throughout the nine months of pregnancy.  Most patients take one to two injections per week.

Do you give "pills" or "appetite suppressants"?
We don't actually dispense or "hand out" pills at our office.  We write prescriptions for appetite suppressants for most patients.  We can refer you to pharmacies that fill the medications for around $11 or so per month.  The most commonly written prescription appetite medicine is phentermine, however, we write a variety of medications based upon the medical situation.

Our High Intensity Weight Loss Program  has proven to be a GREAT SUCCESS!  Patients are thrilled with the results of the 8 week intense program and the weight loss!  Most patients lose between 30-50 pounds in the more aggressive program.  The high intensity nutrition plan is much more directed and straightforward but definitely not unrealistic or extremely difficult!  It is an excellent weight loss plan to help you get started with significant loss!  

However, if you prefer to try the standard, more laid-back plan that certainly offers weight loss results we have seen over the years, it is also an excellent choice!  The level of intensity is YOUR CHOICE!  You'll receive more information about the level "upgrades" when you come into the office, so you can make up your mind at any time up to the appointment starting time.

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